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FloorTherm - Underfloor Heating
FloorTherm - Underfloor Heating

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What is FloorTherm?

FloorTherm underfloor heating provides fully designed bespoke underfloor heating systems for the U.K. market. The system is of a high specification with Pex/Al/Pex pipe, stainless steel manifolds and intelligent controls to provide the complete solution to our customers. In-house design software and expertise guarantee system performance and reliability. FloorTherm Underfloor heating works by pumping low temperature (25 – 45°C) water through Pex/Al/Pex piping embedded in the floor. Because the emitter is the total floor area sufficient heat is provided even on the coldest winter days.


- Efficiency
The low temperature warm water enhances the efficiency of condensing boilers by 20 -40% (source: BSRIA) helping to reduce energy costs. It has a greater effect with heat pumps in that systems can be designed to operate at 35°C achieving efficiencies of 400%+. No other heating system can operate at such low temperatures to achieve an internal room temperature of 21°C.

- Comfort
Underfloor produces an even radiant heat throughout the room. Radiant heat transfers heat from a warm source (the floor) to a cold source (you). The entire floor radiates heat evenly giving ideal comfort levels. The floor is the warmest part of the room whilst the ceiling is the coldest. This is the opposite with a conventional radiator system.

- Health & Safety
Since underfloor is hidden in the floor there are no hard edges or hot radiators to cause possible injury to children. Dust mites also struggle to survive in the dry warm conditions provided by underfloor heating.

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